Vacation quality sleep on a work day- late night, early morning, no problem. We hope that made you smile, we know our American Sleep line of mattresses will. Turn your boring old bedroom into a country cottage with Southerland quality sleep.

Pressure Relief


Our luxurious stretch knit covers allow the comfort and conformability of the quilt layers to provide maximum support and pressure relief.


Supersoft foams are used in the surface of our bedding to create a much more durable mattress than those made from fiber-based products. All QUILT foams are treated for a healthier home environment and manufactured without ozone-depleting CFCs.

Premium Comfort Layers

Premium foams are used over the support system to maximize pressure relief, durability and comfort. We use specially engineered foams to custom tailor our beds to offer the greatest range of comfort choices.

Memory Foam

Memory foam reduces pressure points and thereby improves circulation. “Temperaturesmart” Visco-elastic foam relaxes according to body heat and dynamics. As heat is applied, the foam molds to body contours. Throughout the night it continuously self-adjusts. In the morning Viscolux foam rejuvenates within minutes. Thanks to its gel-like flotation characteristics, Viscolux foam equalizes and redistributes pressure, so that you awake feeling refreshed.


Talalay Latex delivers relief to your body, dispersing pressure and eliminating pressure points that inhibit circulation and prevent tossing and turning.


Foam Encasement System

Our Foam Encasement System locks in the innerspring unit and forms a durable seating edge that increases your sleep surface by 10-20%.

Alternating Coil Technology

  • Improved perimeter consistency – You can assure your customer that they can rest comfortably…anywhere – even on the edge of their new mattress.
  • 21% more coils – Has a higher count than the industry standard, which means more support for your customer’s body and that’s more news you can use!
  • Your customer gets more surface coverage – That means more body support and a better night’s sleep compared to industry standard units.

Zoned LFK Innerspring

Our Zoned LFK Innerspring System targets specific zones of your body, eliminating pressure points that inhibit circulation and cause tossing and turning. Since our bodies are not uniform, our 3 ergonomically balanced zones of support are designed to give the correct amount of support to the shoulder, hip, and thigh and calf areas.

House Foundation

The Southerland House foundation:

  • Provides enhanced stability and support
  • Increased support in the center of the bed, where support is key
  • 100% kiln-dried wood
  • 21 solid wood support blocks
  • Mitered blocks of solid wood at each corner

Ultra Flex Foundation

Our Ultra Flex Foundation offers the best support for you to sleep on. It flexes independently for more sensitivity to mattress support, and more durability with less friction.